Give your workouts and extra kick

Training Challenge

Jan 1 - Jan 20

What the plan includes

Please note: I need a minimum of 5 people per time slot - and I am maxing it out at 8 people per time slot.

Three weeks of meals - Jessica's proven "Habit Hack" plan ($100 value)

6 group workouts - think "shared personal training" over three weeks. Option to add CKO Kickboxing and/or Small Group Training

An active Facebook group to get you engaged.

~April G

If you are here in Shoreline, you are in luck. Join me as I complete the workouts with you in the gym! Also, take your holiday goal to the next level by adding in Kickboxing and Small Group Training for one flat rate.

~Kristina W

Local to Shoreline- Go Big


Don't worry, I am not going to double charge you. Pay just for what is not covered by your membership. You still get the same great service and you get to attend the classes you already love!

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Two Time Options: 5am or 7pm

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I've been training with Jessica for 10 months. I've had a handful of trainers in my life and I've made the most consistent progress with her. She tailors the workouts for me, takes into account my history of training and is mindful of my aches and pains. Most importantly, she helps me set realistic, measurable goals. I did a 200lb deadlift in December! I remember when 145lbs was my max. We are currently working on a new goal. I look forward to my 45 minutes with her every week. She gives me 100% of her focus. She helps me get my head straight, and I always feel better when I leave than when I came in.

I've experienced personal training and have repeatedly been disappointed, that's until I met Jessica! Not only does she push me higher and harder than I've ever experienced she backs up her methodologies when challenged. She does her research and has a plan every time we meet. If you've never experienced that cloud nine high from a workout then you're in luck...Jessica Renon is your solution!

The challenge will be made up of two different groups- one group who will meet at 5am,  the other at 7pm. Generally, you will only go to the group you are assigned to.

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